Thursday, October 9

Free Pattern: Felt Candy Corn Bunting

I must share this delightful candy corn bunting pattern I happened across by Pocket Alchemy. I am so enamored with candy corn decorations, especially when they are homemade. No halloween decor is complete without a candy corn bunting, and I think paired with some deco-mesh around a door would be really cute, and also as an applique on a black t-shirt or pillow. Simply a 'must make'! Click on the link above to see the entire tutorial, and free pdf download.

Tuesday, September 2

Cauldron Creep- DIY Halloween Stirringing Cauldron Prop

After searching the web I found the best looking DIY stirring animated Halloween prop at Haunt Forum. The stirring motion is very realistic.

Friday, June 6

DIY Lalaloopsy Pony Sewing Instructions

I made this cute pattern and I never got a chance to write instructions before moving into our very first house. This place we bought is a major fixer upper that has required me to be repairing it pretty much since I moved in. I apologize that I haven't had any time or energy to make the full illustrated guide. However, I have finally gotten a written guide together to help you out. I hope that this helps!

Lalaloopsy DIY Pony Plush Instructions

1. trace out pattern pieces.
2. cut out pattern pieces as marked.
3. sew the darts on the body of the horse, should be 4 total.

4. Yarn mane hair: if you want your yarn hair mane to be sewn into the body, you must add it now. With the two halves of the body facing each other (good side of fabric facing), pin together. Carefully place and stuff in a line of yarn sandwiched in-between the seam at the back of the pony's neck. At this point, be sure the long part is stuffed 'inside' of the body, stuffing it like a pillow, and you only see the raw ends.

5. Carefully pin the seam edges together, with those raw ends sticking out. Be sure to machine sew it for the best hold. If not using a machine I suggest using knots at the ends, or having loops. The loops or knots will stop the yarn from being yanked out. If the yarn is cut at the ends, it will hold, but not as well.

6. Still working inside-out, sew the rest of the body together, but leave an opening at the top of the bum, where the tail will go.

7. Take the time to carefully trim extra thick raw seam especially along the curves, like at the neck. This will ensure a nice smooth look without puckers.

8. Using a long tool, like pencil or chopstick, turn out the body. Pushing in and through the hole at the bum.

9. Stuff the body with your favourite fiber-fill to the desired firmness. And be sure to massage it around and get out any lumps. This is one of the most important parts to get the right shape. Be sure to sure wash your hands before

you do this step, as you can make your fabric very dirty with just the oils from your hands.

10. Now that you have a stuffed body, you can add in a yarn tail. Take mass of yarn and knot it together at the end.  Stuff that knot into the bum opening, and fold in the seams all pretty like.

11. Using a needle and thread sew the bum closed around the tail. You can use an invisible stitch if you like.

12. Legs: The legs are bit tricky using a sewing machine, but can be done. Use hand stitching for the foot part if you are having trouble. Take the 2 leg parts, and pin them together, good sides facing. You will want to start at the bottom of the leg and go up to the top and around the curve at the top, and down half way. Leave a little opening, (for stuffing later), then continue down to the bottom. Make sure you don't close off the bottom. This is where the hoof/foot goes.

13. Making sure that your little circle hoof's good side of the fabric is facing in toward the 'inside' of the leg (I always mess this part up), you pin it to the raw edges of the bottom of the leg. You want the pins on the top part of the hoof seam, not the part that would touch the ground.

14. With those pin all in place you can put it under the sewing machine and carefully sew it all together in a circle. Then trim the raw edges. Repeat.

15. So we now turn out our leg, and hopefully it looks good at the hoof, no puckers.

16. Stuff up those legs, and if you want a really awesome pony you can add some beans to the feet to make it a bit heavy, or you can even add in a wire to make it bendy and poseable.

17. Using an invisible stitch you sew up the leg.

18. Ok fun part. You get to add the legs to the body. Pin them in place. And you can either hand stitch them on, or you can use a giant button with a piece of embroidery floss and a big needle and screwer it thought to the other side of the body and through the leg and tie it off (pretty tight) to a matching button. This will make a movable joint for the leg.

19. Ears: you sew them good sides facing, turn them out. Then turn in the raw

edges. Pinch the bottoms, and pin them to the head in the desired stop. Hand stitch them in place.
20. Eyes. Using two button pin and sew those eyes in place.
21. Step back and admire your super cute pony! And you made it all yourself! You rock!

Saturday, May 31

Monday, May 12

More dolls please

Here's a little freebie 8x10 printable for ya. Would look cute in a frame, or modge podged onto a wood plaque. For modge podge you have to use a laser printout from a printshop printer or a color photocopy. If you use a printout from your home printer you will get streaky color bleed when you brush on the glue. I have stopped the bleed quite a bit by spraying the paper with several light dustings of clear spray paint, or workable fixative spray intended for paper. Better, but still not great results.