Sunday, December 22

Monday, December 9

Papercraft: Candy Land Nutcracker

Angelic Pretty Coloring Book

I absolutely love the art featured in ads and products by 'Angelic Pretty', a Japanese fashion boutique that specializes in making and selling 'sweet lolita' clothing. (they just launched their English webpage, Angelic Pretty USA). So when I found there coloring book I was very giddy to share a few pages.

Friday, September 27

DIY Halloween Stirring Cauldron Prop

Halloween is soon approaching and I'm always trying to improve my Halloween decorations. This year I'm taking my flying witch prop and giving her better bones. I decided that she would be even better looking if she was stirring a cauldron. After searching the web I found the best looking DIY stirring animated Halloween prop at Haunt Forum. The stirring motion is very realistic.

Sunday, June 23

DIY Yarn Rag Doll Hair

Loli Dolly 2.0

Here are some of my dolls. most are not quite done. They need special outfits. I sold 2 of the smaller ones, and I wish I hadn't :(   I love my dollies. I sell the pattern to make them, but I am about to retire the old pattern in place of a newer version with a rounder head. Here are some photos of the new doll pattern.